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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Server Colocation:

Q:  What’s NAP2 Networks Uptime Guarantee?
A:  NAP2 Networks offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee. However, you should expect NO network related downtime as our network infrastructure is set up completely redundantly (multi-homed, multiple providers, multiple physical paths) and allows for little to no issues arising from localized upstream outages.

Q:  How soon can I bring or ship my equipment after signing up?
A:  Immediately. We understand the importance of your business needs. NAP2 Networks administrators will work with you to complete your colocation install as fast as possible.

Q:  Can I visit NAP2 Networks Data Center?
A:  Yes by appointment only. Call or email to schedule with a sales counselor.

Q:  Can I upgrade my colocation package at any time.
A:  Absolutely. Our sales staff will work with you to ensure we meet your expanding business needs.

Q:  What support services are provided at no additional charge?
A:  There are no charges for minor administration duties (i.e. FSCK, start a service, etc.). Reboots are included to a certain degree and if they are excessive we will recommend a remote reboot device so that the server can be rebooted over the internet.

Q:  What kind of Network Bandwidth does NAP2 Networks have for the colocations?
A:  NAP2 Networks Network is Top Tier Gigabit-based with Gigabit peering with multiple providers via a secure and redundant Metro Area Network connection.


Cloud Backup and DR:

Q:  What is Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery (DR) ?
A:  Cloud (or online) Backup is a service that easily and automatically schedules backups of your hard drive contents to the cloud (including server databases, Exchange mailboxes, Windows System State etc.), allowing easy restore of data via a simple to use client GUI without the need for cumbersome backup tapes.

Q:  Does the Cloud Backup jeopardize the security of my data?
A:  Use of cloud backup/storage will improve your data security by centralizing storage and providing access to enterprise-level security infrastructure and management at an affordable cost.
NAP2 Networks uses SSL and 256-bit AES encryption (data is encrypted in transit and then stored) for the ultimate in security.

Q:  How is NAP2 Networks Cloud Backup and & DR priced?
A:  The price is simply based on the amount of storage required and the number of users. Each user gets access to the full backup client to backup their device and with NAP2 Networks there are no hidden charges for bandwidth etc.


For more information about any of these FAQ’s please contact NAP2 Networks.


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