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NAP2 Networks Cloud
Storage Solution

SMB Specialists -  Reduce costs, improve Disaster Recovery, and eliminate tape with
NAP2 Networks cloud storage solutions.

For the past decade, small to medium sized businesses (SMB) have relied on tape or local disk for their data protection needs. As accelerating data growth and strict SLAs reduce the appeal of these approaches, innovative businesses are embracing the public cloud for flexible, scalable, pay-as-you-grow storage that reduces costs, improves data protection metrics, and enhances disaster recovery (DR) readiness.

NAP2 Networks cloud storage solutions allow organizations to:

  • Reduce costs by 30 percent to 50 percent over tape and disk-based architectures
  • Safely and simply backup over a petabyte of data
  • Improve DR readiness with secure, off-site cloud storage
  • Eliminate tape and tape system management burdens
  • Instantly leverage the flexibility and scalability of cloud infrastructure

Eliminate dependence on unreliable, error-prone tape systems for backup and DR and enjoy the benefits of cloud backup with a NAP2 Networks cloud storage solution.  NAP2 Networks replicates data automatically to the public cloud, eliminating costly off-site tape vaulting and improving disaster recovery (DR) capabilities.

Significantly reduced business risk and improve DR readiness
NAP2 Networks cloud storage solution provides secure, off-site storage with restore anywhere capability for superior disaster recovery. Data can be recovered by NAP2 Networks from any location to provide the ultimate DR flexibility. Public cloud storage offers excellent DR capabilities without the high costs associated with remote DR sites or colocation service providers. With NAP2 Networks cloud storage solutions – any size organization can significantly reduce its business risk from unplanned outages without the large capital investments and running costs required by competing solutions.

Reduce costs by 30 to 50 percent
NAP2 Networks cloud storage solutions allow companies to reduce costs by 30 to 50 percent over existing tape and disk-to-disk replication systems.

  • Byte-level deduplication shrinks the storage required by 10-30 times, which substantially reduces cloud storage fees.
  • NAP2 Network’s real-time replication to cloud storage eliminates the need for tape vaulting services and speeds the creation of a secure copy of the data in off-site storage.
  • By leveraging a NAP2 Networks solution as a storage target for the existing data protection application, substantial amounts of on-premise disk storage can be reclaimed for other tasks, eliminating the need for capital expenditures.
  • NAP2 Networks brings inexpensive, scalable, pay-as-you-grow cloud storage into the company as a low-cost storage tier. With NAP2 Networks old, seldom-accessed data can be moved to the cloud, freeing up expensive disk arrays for other workloads.
  • By eliminating tape and disk-based systems, NAP2 Networks solutions significantly reduce the administration required for media management, capacity planning, and system management, freeing up valuable IT resources for high value projects.

Reduce security risks for off-site data
Mitigate security risks with the strong encryption of data onsite, in transit, and at rest in the cloud.  Data is secured by AES 256-bit encryption as the data stream is processed by the NAP2 Networks cloud storage software, and by SSL v3 during transmission to and from the cloud. Thus the data is secured end to end through the storage and retrieval process.

Improve remote office data protection
Many organizations struggle with data protection within their remote offices due to a lack of skilled Network Administrators and the expense of off-site vaulting or replication. Organizations often try to centralize the data but soon find that replicating large backup data sets create a significant impact to the network and additional storage requirements in the data center. NAP2 Networks solution allow remote offices to easily implement cloud backup without requiring additional storage, impact to the company network, or involvement from branch office personnel.


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